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When choosing the right outfit for daily wear, we often are befuddled if our pairings may turn out right or end up a disaster. Despite having studied multiple fashion icons, sometimes we may find ourselves stumped and staring at the pile of clothes on the bed, wishing you had a fashion advisor. Before we bring out the big guns, let us take a step back and remember our basics.
Most importantly, recall what compliments your body shape. If you are bottom heavy, you want to create a slimmer illusion to balance out your top. You may want to put on a loud top to draw attention away from your bottom but don't forget to accentuate your curves. If your curvy lacks the curves, it is safest to put on blouses with ruffles or frills and a pair of shorts or skirt to show off your legs.
Remember that every person's body shape is different and as such, you have different assets to flaunt. If you have a small waist, a simple shift with a fun belt wrapped around it will make you the envy of others. For girls with longer torsos, a high-waist mid-thigh length skirt or shorts will make balance it out. With petite or smaller stature girls, a maxi dress will work in your favor.
Lastly, don't forget that shoes and the right accessories go a long way in ensuring your outfit is completed. Keep your outfits simple if you are planning to display that gorgeous accessories but do not use too many; we want to look amazing and not like a walking Christmas tree. We can never go wrong with heels but think of your poor feet. If it will be a long day, ensure it is comfortable and appropriate for the places you are heading to. If you find yourself undecided, remember that ballet flats are the most versatile pieces you have to suit any formal or social events. 
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