Eco-Friendly Clothes


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With the increasing concern for preserving the environment due to the onslaught of natural disasters, it is no surprise that clothing manufacturers are deciding to create an environmentally friendly selection of clothing for the population. Some might think that eco-friendly clothing constitutes of wearing more green-colored outfits but it is more than just the question of color. As we are prompted to make more informed purchases of items to save Mother Earth, how much do we actually know of eco-friendly clothing options?

Choosing eco-friendly clothing may seem to be simple: check the tag to determine what materials are used to create it and how does one care for it. Although the clothing material is a major factor, one should not forget about the source of these clothing. Is an organic cotton material, truly 100% cotton? How can we be sure that there is no synthetic mix in it? In addition, the method in which the manufacturer process its raw materials and how the waste is managed, should factor in one's decision. According to, a few terms such as ‘green', ‘eco' and ‘sustainable' creates a feel-good haze when one makes a purchase but it could also be a marketing ploy to which clothing manufacturers entice the unsuspecting buyer.
The website also provides a list of ten best environmental friendly brands mostly from the US – Study NY, Alabama Chanin, Feral Childe; and other countries such as Peru and Canada. Another brand that one can find online is Indigenous which commits to sustainability and fair trades. It may appear that one should research into a clothing brand to ensure an eco-friendly choice – if we put in similar efforts into decisions to purchase shoes, cars or houses, why not clothing brands too?


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