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It is known by many terms and yet, some refuse to believe that one's crowning glory is a natural accessory that requires continual care or the costs incurred from it. It is a relief that not many hold to this opinion or there would be a sore lack of hairdresser's and salons. Like any part of the body, the human hair deserves equal care as we give to our face and skin.

Beyond the basic shampoo, conditioner and haircut, what more can one do? There are multiple hairstyles one can choose to sport and those who constantly change their hairdo need more than the basic care. If it is a question of cost, there is various hair products found in stores which the general population can afford. For the adventurous, DIY hair dyes are available in innumerable department stores and shops.
With the advent of online video, there is an assortment of videos which one can choose to view to learn how to be an amateur hairdresser from scratch. One need only to browse any social media platform to note how common it is to see pictures of DIY hair dip dyeing or styling that look like a salon job. Of course, there is a need for proper certification and training which the writer believes all hairdressers should obtain.
Like any smart consumer would, you should weigh your decisions over a long period of time and choose wisely. There are home remedies designed to nourish your hair or hair treatment centers for the less brave. In the end, you should ask yourself if you would like to age with healthy hair or grow bald in your golden years. Wigs are an alternative but accidents may happen and we simply cannot have that moment caught on camera, can we?


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